Fifteen Seconds of Fame

Moms and Other Fabulous Females, Dads and Other Marvelous Males, by Ruth McCormick has three (count them…not one, not two, but three!) of my short stories contained within and this is the first time any of my work has ever been published.   So for me, this was a big freaking deal, dudes!

Yesterday was the release party for the book at West Sahara Library in Las Vegas.  First of all, the drive was so far for me, I nearly had to take out a loan for gas.   And?  I almost ‘took out’ an SUV on the freeway.   Not my best driving.  My mind was elsewhere. 

Then of course, I arrived way too early.  I’m notorious for that.  However, to my delight, Carla, a friend of mine was already there, helping set up tables and such.   It was great catching up with her.  I met Ruth McCormick for the first time in person and she was very sweet.  She keeps trying to get me to join the Henderson Writers Group that meets on Monday nights.   I might just do that now.  I am hooked on writing, after all.   Sheesh.

Six of the nine authors featured in the book were present and I was able to meet them and obtain autographs from each of them.  MY very first autograph went to my friend Michelle, and I’m such a doofus I even wrote that in her book, the fact that she was my first autograph.  When other people asked me to sign the book, I got all flustered and couldn’t think of a thing to write.  So  DUH,  doofus strikes again and I wrote Happy Holidays. 

What?  I never autographed anything before  (unless you count checks and traffic tickets and kids’ report cards).  

Seriously, I was an idiot.   And my lack of brain-control continued right on through the evening.  The Master of Ceremonies, Kevin, came over (with microphone, which mortified me) and interviewed me.  It was short. Not because he wanted it short necessarily.  He asked what my stories were about and I gave him  a very brief explanation.  Mostly, I just regurgitated the Titles of the stories. 

It was freaking embarrassing.  But people clapped.  Probably because it was time to move on to the next author.  All the contributing authors had the opportunity to speak and some were very moving.  I’m really going to have to read the whole book because I think there’s some good stuff in there. 

All in all, it was a very fun time and I was so happy to be there and be included in the celebration.  My partner was unable to attend due to work obligations, but when I got home, I talked her ear off.  Seriously.  I rambled so much about the whole affair, she finally went numb with excitement boredom.  She had this dear-in-the-headlights look.   Well, that’s what she gets for not being there. 

So there you have it and I’ve included a few pictures.   MY 15 seconds of Fame.   Awesome!

Yea I'm in this book. Pages 55, 61 and 76 in case you're looking. In this picture my back hurt and I wanted wine, but I was Happy!


Friends Carla and Michelle!


Ruth McCormick, author and compiler of the book


Me being interviewed. Not my best moment. Ruth on left, Kevin on right.


Some of the other authors in the book.


The book's on there somewhere.


Yep, back still hurts and I'm thinking about hard liquor now. But not till I get home. LONG drive home! But? This was sooooo much Fun !

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