Terri and Michelle go to the Big Toy Store

Once upon a time there were two lovely ladies, Terri and Michelle, who were very good friends and liked to go on new adventures.  One fine December day, Terri and Michelle met for lunch at a fabulous Mexican restaurant, where they laughed and joked and Terri drank too much.  It was a magical day.  Terri and Michelle were having so much fun; they decided to take a little field trip to the Big Toy Store, because big girls like toys too!   So Terri and Michelle motored on over to the Big Toy Store with wide, anticipatory smiles on their faces.  Terri was filled with glee as she exited her vehicle, so much so that she had to take a picture of the Big Toy Store Sign to capture this most memorable day and another magical moment for both ladies!

Oh this was going to be a special field trip indeed!  So without further adieu, and with a spring in their steps, Terri and Michelle entered the Big Toy Store.  In fact, their jubilance almost had them skipping, but they refrained in order to save their energy for the adventures that lay ahead.

Michelle had been to the Big Toy Store on previous field trips, but this was Terri’s very first visit.  Her eyes were darting everywhere, trying to take in all that was the Big Toy Store.   Michelle told Terri that this was, indeed, one of the Biggest Toy Stores in town and frequented by many.  Terri looked around and saw lots of happy people in the Big Toy Store.  They were greeted by a sales clerk with a big smile.  Everyone seemed to be willing and happy to help.  The Big Toy Store was a friendly, happy place.  As they walked through the store, many toys caught Terri’s eye.   Oh yes, many many toys. Michelle had different toy interests in mind, so wandered off to a different part of the Big Toy Store, leaving Terri to sample some of the new toys and ask any pertinent questions that may arise.  Terri was very interested in the DVD section of the Big Toy Store, as she loved to learn new things and saw many many new things on the covers of those DVDs in that Big Toy Store. OH MY!  Isn’t discovering new things wonderful!  But Terri had a very hard decision to make, as she couldn’t take all the DVDs home.  She had to choose just one.  So what did she do and how did she decide?  Well, she looked at every single DVD in her favorite section, and all those colorful pictures of people having lots of fun.  It’s important to get good quality for your viewing and learning pleasure, you understand.  Finally making her choice, Terri was quite content and decided to look around the rest of the Big Toy Store.

Terri found Michelle in the plastic toy area.  Michelle was very interested in colorful plastic toys, especially motorized ones.  She’s kind of technical that way.   Turned out, there were not just plastic toys (yes, it had been a very very long time since Terri had been to a Toy Store!), there were also wood and glass toys, too, all sizes.  ALL SIZES.  And all the colors of the rainbow.  And even polka dots.  Some plastic toys were shaped so oddly that Terri became quite perplexed.  Michelle said that if she wanted to learn more about the toys, the sales clerks would be happy to demonstrate.  Terri thought for a minute and then decided she would possibly ask for a demonstration on her next visit, but not today.  Terri was a bit overwhelmed with all the excitement of the Big Toy Store, and actually broke out into a bit of a sweat.  It sure was a bit warm in there!   Terri was also anxious to get home and view her new DVD, as she had much learning to do!

Next Terri and Michelle found a very fun and unique section of the Big Toy Store.  Why, there were many colorful and delightful party decorations and costumes!  There were nurse costumes and maid costumes and motorcycle riding costumes…..there were lots of chains too. And feathers. And leather straps. And cake pans in odd shapes.  It was a wondrous collection of toys and Terri wondered how anyone could decide on what to purchase, with such a variety of choices.  It’s good to have variety AND choices! Why, there were even dolls….life-size dolls!  Terri asked Michelle what girl wouldn’t want a life-size doll?  Michelle said those dolls are for guys.  Michelle is so smart.   Terri was glad she had someone with her who knew a lot about the Big Toy Store.  Oh and there was lots and lots of black stuff.  Black leather stuff.  Scary black leather stuff.  Terri and Michelle didn’t know what to make of some of that stuff, so they just moved on to another section.  Maybe they would ask one of the friendly sales clerks about all that stuff…..maybe next time, not today.

Their tour of the store complete, Terri and Michelle decided to make their purchases.  Terri went to one sales clerk and Michelle to another, for no particular reason other than Terri’s possible haste to get home and view her DVD.  Terri’s sales clerk was a lovely, full-figured woman with a large tattoo just above her cleavage of some sort of torture.  It intrigued Terri while scaring the shit out of her at the same time.  Terri timidly handed her DVD over to the sales clerk, and once the sales clerk inspected the cover of the DVD, she looked up at Terri with a big smile that made Terri a wee bit creeped-out.   Terri paid with her credit card, the sales clerk put the DVD in a little bag, handed it to Terri and said, “Come again!”.  Terri nodded and thought, “What an interesting choice of words?”

So, the field trip ended and it had been a huge success.  Terri and Michelle bid their farewells in the parking lot and Terri broke all the speed limits getting home to view her new DVD.  Terri went to sleep that night, satisfied with her magical wonderful day, and completely satisfied with her new DVD from the Big Toy Store.     Michelle was never heard from again.  There have been rumors that she ran off with the Manager from the Plastic Toy Department.



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sherri
    Dec 18, 2010 @ 23:38:16

    Well, your day was certainly more fun than mine was. And I’m sure your evening was too. No wonder you weren’t on facebook when I signed in later.
    how was the DVD?
    I was baking and watching the Wizard of Oz which pales in comparison to your big adventure.


  2. Dav
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 05:44:52


    So are you taking Donna to the Big Toy Store next time we come to town? I think you should! You never know!! LOL!!!!!

    I hope you enjoyed viewing your new DVD!


  3. Eva Gallant
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 06:36:39

    Terri, you devil! I hope you enjoyed the DVD!


  4. Linda
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 06:40:35

    Oh what fun! Love me some toys too…and costumes!
    We have to drive about 30-ish miles to the nearest toy Store!
    Glad you had a Good Day!


  5. tsonoda148
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 08:21:28

    Sherri, Dav, Eva, Linda……I seriously don’t know what you people are talking about. Don’t you recognize a “story” when you read one? Hence, the ‘Once upon a time…’ and the ‘THE END’. I mean, really….I don’t even know a Michelle (right, Michelle?). C’mon.

    (BIG EVIL GRIN!) (The DVD may have been quite delightful, yes.)

    Sure Dav, if Donna wants a trip to the Big Toy Store, then a trip she shall have! LMAO

    Thanks ya’ll,


  6. Michelle
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 22:51:37

    Total fiction… I’ve never met this woman before. Nope, never.


  7. Pamela
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 14:23:33

    I love costumes. We are headed to New Orleans in 2 days, and I want a big girl COSTUME. Sounds like your DVD and toy excursion was a blast!


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